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Vac-Sac: Vacuum-Sachet Mix

$ 10.99

If you run your vacuum regularly, you know how musty it can get to be smelling as the bag fills up. This is particularly true if you are a pet owner. We developed our Vac-Sac mix to counter this problem within our own homes, and were surprised at how well it works.

Each bag of Vac-Sac contains six cups of assorted floral petals and fixatives, which you can then blend by hand with your choice of fragrance oil that is included. When you first get your mix, dump it out of the bag into a bowl and thoroughly mix in the 1/2 ounce bottle of oil that comes with it, then return it to the bag. The bag itself is specially-lined so that your mix will retain its scent indefinitely.

To use the mix, simply sprinkle a cup or two on your floor and suck it up with the vacuum. The sachet mix will help to keep your vacuum bag smelling fresh and will also gently scent your house as you clean.

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