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Peppermint Essential Potpourri

$ 15.89

Our Essentials line combines both color theory and aromatherapy in a series of blends that can help affect mood. These potpourris are all made with the highest quality essential oils and ingredients.

Long used as a flavoring, peppermint is also a powerful scent that can help to brighten even the darkest day. Our Peppermint Essential Potpourri blend is a little pricier than our other essential blends, but the scent is irresistible.

This blend is available in both a pound and a 10 ounce bag size, both with essential oil on the side (one ounce and 1/2 ounce, respectively). Scent-on-the-side lets you control how light or strong you want your potpourri to be, and we've included enough scented oil to keep your potpourri smelling great for far longer than most other potpourri brands you can buy. Instructions on applying the oil (and an oil dropper) are included with each order.

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