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Pecan Pie Potpourri

$ 18.00

Concepts for potpourri blends come from a variety of places, but this one was all about the scent. While we're generally rarely floored when it comes to "dessert" scents that come our way, this pecan pie scent is fantastic. The botanicals we've chosen to interpret this unique food item make this a great addition to any feast table or party setting.

This 1-lb. size bag comes with a full ounce bottle of oil on the side (we also sell a smaller 10 ounce bag with a 1/2 ounce bottle of oil, which you can find here). Scent-on-the-side lets you control how light or strong you want your potpourri to be, and we've included enough scented oil to keep your potpourri smelling great for far longer than most other potpourri brands you can buy. Instructions on applying the oil (and an oil dropper) are included with each order.

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