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Magnolia Potpourri

Magnolia Potpourri

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The magnolia is:

-the state flower of both Louisiana and Mississippi. In fact, Mississippi is called the Magnolia State.

-a flowering plant that belongs to the family Magnoliaceae.

-everywhere. It is estimated that there are around 210 species of magnolia that vary by size, shape, flower color, and habitat around the world. Flower colors range from white or yellow to pinkish, purple, and even green.

-of variable height. Depending on the species, this plant can range from a 15 foot magnolia bush to an 80 foot magnolia tree. The pyramidal crown of some species can reach upwards of 50 feet in diameter.

-a spring bloomer. It can take seven years from the time they are planted until they bloom. When they do bloom, most do so between April and June.

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-old. It is estimated that magnolias have existed for around 95 million years. They were actually around before bees, and it is theorized that they developed their flowers in order to attract pollinators.

-pollinated by beetles. While the magnolia plant does not produce true nectar, it does produce pollen, which the beetles use for food.

-named for French botanist Pierre Magnol.

-symbolically used to indicate nobility, perseverance, and love of nature.

-resistant to most pests and diseases.

-used in traditional Asian medicine, where the bark and flowers are used for their anti-anxiety and anti-angiogenic properties.

-used to wrap food in parts of Japan. The leaves also used as cooking dishes there.

-a centenarian. Well, some of them, anyways. Some species of magnolias can live to be over 100 years.

-used (the wood) to make furniture.

Bonus fact: The largest magnolia flower is the Magnolia ‘Atlas’, which can reach 14 inches across.

Magnolia Potpourri

The state flower of both Mississippi and Louisiana is the inspiration for this floral potpourri blend. The visual appeal of this potpourri coupled with the fresh scent of magnolia fragrance oil will brighten up any room in your house.

This blend is available in both a pound and a 10 ounce bag size, both with fragrance oil on the side (one ounce and 1/2 ounce, respectively). Scent-on-the-side lets you control how light or strong you want your potpourri to be, and we've included enough scented oil to keep your potpourri smelling great for far longer than most other potpourri brands you can buy. Instructions on applying the oil (and an oil dropper) are included with each order.

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