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Cinnamon Fragrance Oil - YankeeScents Potpourri - 1

Cinnamon Fragrance Oil

$ 4.75

For use to refresh our Cinnamon Potpourri, to scent candles, incense, or anywhere else you want to add a little fragrance. To use this oil to refresh potpourri, add a few drops to the potpourri ingredients whenever the scent fades below acceptable levels.

We sell this oil by the ounce, or by the half-ounce.

Full Description:

This cinnamon oil is perfect for candlemaking, incense, diffusers, potpourri, and even making slime.

Also for use as a soap scent, making cleaning products, or for use in products such as scented bath oils or bath bombs.

Cinnamon scented oil is packaged in 1 oz. light amber PET Boston Round bottles.

Our Premium Grade cinnamon scent is US-sourced from the highest quality materials.

This is a 1 oz. bottle of our cinnamon candle oil. Use it to create your favorite cinnamon diffuser oil, or for use as scented oil refills for products such as cinnamon potpourri and for scented oil burners. This also is great for scented bath products, perfumes, soaps, and cleaning products.

Note: dilute this oil to 5% if using for bath products, cleaning products, or as a cinnamon perfume oil.

All our scented oils comply with the strictest RIFM and IRFA global quality standards.

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