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Vermont Maple Syrup Potpourri

Vermont Maple Syrup Potpourri

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For several weeks in the spring of the year, farmers would hook the work sleigh to their sturdiest draft horses and wade into the snow-choked woods to empty the tin buckets hanging from every able tree in the sugarbush. Back at the homestead, a thin line of smoke coming from the sugarhouse signaled the slow boil down from watery sap to the indescribable scent and soul-warming feel of pure maple syrup, a scent and feeling we've managed to capture in our Vermont Maple Syrup blend.

This blend is available in both a pound and a 10 ounce bag size, both with fragrance oil on the side (one ounce and 1/2 ounce, respectively). Scent-on-the-side lets you control how light or strong you want your potpourri to be, and we've included enough scented oil to keep your potpourri smelling great for far longer than most other potpourri brands you can buy. Instructions on applying the oil (and an oil dropper) are included with each order.

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