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*Chocolate Cake
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Traditional Potpourri Blends

This is a complete list of our traditional potpourri blends, based on fragrance oils. To get pricing and additional information on a specific blend, click on the More Info button. We also sell blends based on Essential Oils, which can be found here.

almond potpourri

Scent: almond
potpourri button
almond cream potpourri
Almond Cream

Scent: almond, vanilla
potpourri button
apple orchard potpourri
Apple Orchard

Scent: apple, spice
potpourri button
apple pie potpourri
Apple Pie a la Mode

Scent: apple, cinnamon, vanilla
potpourri button
bayberry potpourri
Scent: bayberry
potpourri button
berry patch potpourri
Berry Patch

Scent: strawberry
potpourri button
birthday cake potpourri
Birthday Cake

Scent: almond, vanilla, patchouli
potpourri button
chocolate potpourri
Chocolate Blends
Scent: various (orange, raspberry, chocolate covered cherries)
potpourri button
chocolate cake potpourri
Chocolate Cake

Scent: chocolate, gingerbread, vanilla
potpourri button
Christmas tree potpourri
Christmas Tree
Scent: pine, bayberry, cinnamon
potpourri button
cinnamon potpourri
Scent: cinnamon
potpourri button
cinnamon red hot potpourri
Cinnamon Red Hot
Scent: cinnamon red hots
potpourri button
coconut potpourri

Scent: coconut
potpourri button
coconut musk potpourri
Coconut Musk
Scent: coconut, musk
potpourri button
coffee potpourri
Coffee Blends
Scent: various (amaretto, hazelnut, Irish mocha)
potpourri button
country Christmas potpourri
Country Christmas
Scent: bayberry, sandalwood
potpourri button

country cottage rose potpourri
Country Cottage Rose
Scent: rose
potpourri button

cranberry spice potpourri
Cranberry Spice
Scent: cranberry, spice
potpourri button
cranberries and cream potpourri
Cranberries & Cream
Scent: cranberry, vanilla
potpourri button
English garden potpourri
English Garden
Scent: lavender, rose
potpourri button
eucalyptus potpourri
Scent: eucalyptus
potpourri button
fire and ice potpourri
Fire & Ice
Scent: cinnamon, eucalyptus
potpourri button
fourth of july potpourri
Fourth of July

Scent: various
potpourri button
frankincense & myrrh potpourri
Frankincense & Myrrh
Scent: frankincense, myrrh
potpourri button
gardenia potpourri
Scent: gardenia
potpourri button
gingerbread potpourri
Scent: gingerbread
potpourri button
halloween potpourri
Scent: various
potpourri button
highland heather potpourri
Highland Heather
Scent: heater, spice
potpourri button
hot cocoa potpourri
Hot Cocoa
Scent: chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon
potpourri button
hyacinth potpourri
Scent: hyacinth
potpourri button
jasmine potpourri
Jasmine Nights
Scent: jasmine
potpourri button
lavender and spice potpourri
Lavender & Spice
Scent: lavender, spice
potpourri button
lemon potpourri
Scent: lemon
potpourri button
lemon meringue potpourri
Lemon Meringue
Scent: lemon, vanilla
potpourri button
lily potpourri
Lily of the Valley
Scent: lily of the valley
potpourri button
magnolia potpourri
Scent: magnolia
potpourri button
moonlight potpourri
Scent: patchouli, musk
potpourri button
mulberry potpourri
Scent: mulberry
potpourri button
orange potpourri
Scent: orange
potpourri button
orange cinnamon potpourri
Orange-Cinnamon Twist
Scent: orange, cinnamon
potpourri button
orange tea potpourri
Orange Tea
Scent: orange, cinnamon, mulled cider
potpourri button
patchouli potpourri
Scent: patchouli
potpourri button
peak foliage potpourri
Peak Foliage
Scent: sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla
potpourri button

pecan pie potpourri
Pecan Pie
Scent: pecan
potpourri button

peppermint stick potpourri
Peppermint Stick
Scent: peppermint
potpourri button
pumpkin harvest potpourri
Pumpkin Harvest
Scent: pumpkin spice
potpourri button
raspberry potpourri
Scent: raspberry
potpourri button
sandalwood potpourri
Scent: sandalwood
potpourri button
seacoast rose potpourri
Seacoast Rose
Scent: rose
potpourri button
spring lilac potpourri
Spring Lilac
Scent: lilac
potpourri button
vanilla potpourri
Scent: vanilla
potpourri button
vanilla musk potpourri
Vanilla Musk
Scent: vanilla, musk
potpourri button
VT maple syrup potpourri
VT Maple Syrup
Scent: maple syrup
potpourri button
watermelon potpourri
Scent: watermelon
potpourri button
white Christmas potpourri
White Christmas
Scent: pine, vanilla
potpourri button
winter pine potpourri
Winter Pine
Scent: pine
potpourri button

woodland blend potpourri
Woodland Blend
Scent: patchouli, sandalwood, fireplace
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